Accessibility Features

We’ve taken specific steps to make sure that all of our readers — regardless of their physical capabilities — have a positive experience here.

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that activate specific links. Every page in this site defines the following access keys:

Most Web browsers support the use of access keys. In Safari, for instance, holding the CONTROL and OPTION keys plus the access key will activate the appropriate link. If you have trouble using the access keys, refer to your browser’s documentation.

Text Size

You can change the size of the text on this site by using the Text Size or Zoom features of your Web browser. Those features are usually found under “View” in the browser’s tool bar.

Imageless and Text-only Browsing

All of the content in this site is readable without the aid of images or stylesheets.

Link Highlighting

Links can be highlighted by repeatedly pressing the Tab button on your keyboard until your browser focuses on the desired link. Links in the navigation bar will be highlighted with a dark brown background. All other links will be highlighted with a blue background.

We Need Your Feedback

If you have difficulties using any part of this site, please contact us. Your feedback will help us open the site to more readers like you.