1. You Deserve Our Best Work

If we don’t believe that we can give you our best, we won’t accept your project.

2. What We Market Matters

Marketing is more than just finding ways to get more people to spend more money. We do what we do to support products and causes that change lives and improve the world. We want to be proud of our work and yours.

3. We Love This

Whether we get paid a lot or a little for our work doesn’t matter nearly as much as whether we enjoy doing it. So, Gardner Loop is structured to let us focus on doing great work for great clients.

4. We Prefer With

We’d love to work with you, but not for you. Working with means collaborating, communicating, saying no sometimes, listening with an open mind, learning from failure. Working for means doing what you’re told.

We’ll take with over for any day.

5. “Marketing” Is Everything

Marketing doesn't begin when a customer steps through the door and it doesn't stop after a donor makes a gift. It's the way you hire employees, the suit your CEO wears, the voice that greets your callers…